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Common misconceptions:

1. Llanaelhaearns wind turbine will be clean and eco friendly

2. Llanaelhaearns wind turbine will produce cheap energy

3. A wind turbine in Llanaelhaern will be beneficial to the community

4. There is no health risk associated with half million watt turbines like this one

5. Llanaelhaearns wind turbine will be unheard

6. The potential for larger/ more turbines has already been evaluated for this expansive site

7. Llanaelhaerns wind turbine wont affect your home value or  business revenues negatively 

8. Llanaelhaearns wind turbine impacts Llanaelhaearn alone


SIZE - the proposed structure is much higher than Nelsons Column in London much higher than the statue of Liberty in New York bigger than the wings of a Jumbo Jet half as high as the truly massive London Eye The Llanaelhearn turbine would dwarf the village and its surrounds!

INFRASOUND - especially dangerous, due to its strong vibrations, or oscillations. Infrasound waves hug the ground, travel for long distances without losing strength, and are unstoppable. Not much amplitude is needed to produce negative effects in the human body, and even mild infrasound exposure requires several hours, or even days, to reverse symptoms. With continuous infrasound generation, as with a turbine, the only cure is distance move away from the source!

BRYN MEDDYG RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME  - particularly at risk, their residents who are elderly and infirm will be living under the immediate shadow of the proposed wind turbine

SCHOOL - The village school is well under a kilometre from the turbine and therefore uncomfortably close to the infrasound signature - most recommendations for separation from dwellings range from 2KM to 10 KM.

NO ELECTRICITY FOR THE VILLAGE not one joule of energy will be for Llanaelhaearn the energy flows into the national grid. Your village will be paying the cost of lighting up Westminster!

MORE TURBINES - Putting up a turbine on the Foel will open the floodgates for others in the area!

BUSINESS DEVALUATION - businesses will be impacted, from holiday lets to the aforementioned care home!

HOME DEVALUATION - home values or even the ability to sell at all will be impacted!

THE COMMUNITY from Rhiw to Criccieth Llithfaen to Pencaenewydd, this is not soley a Llanaelhaearn issue and this turbine structure will be visible from huge distances!

TOURISM - The proposed wind turbine will be immediately visible from the hugely significant Tre Ceiri Iron Age Fort and surrounding AONB footpaths.

DWELLINGS  - A number of dwellings are within 400 metres of the proposed turbine - the whole village is well under one kilometre - this is absolutely counter to best practice or law throughout the world.

What do you think?
Do you agree with Steve? Is Llanaelhaearn's proposed wind turbine solely an issue for the village itself? Do you support the plans? Please leave your comments below. If you are not on Facebook, please email your comments to webmaster@llyn.info for inclusion.

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