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It is difficult to think of an area with so many advantages for the wildlife that inhabits its interior, coastline and surrounding seas. A warm damp climate, remoteness from areas of high population or industrial pollution and very little intensive agriculture underpin favourable habitats for wildlife. These habitats range from ancient pasture, small areas of wooded swampland, high heath and moor-land, cliffs and rocky offshore islands.

The surrounding waters have a direct gulf-stream influence, with strong tidal streams bringing nutrients to the prolific undersea life. The rich seas support a thriving population of marine mammals and dense colonies of breeding seabirds that inhabit the cliffs and offshore islands in the spring and summer months.

Those of us who live here consider ourselves to be very privileged to share this very precious part of Wales with the vast variety of creatures that make their home here. We hope you will enjoy the Llyn Peninsula countryside and its wildlife and will join us in our efforts to protect and preserve it.

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"Shearwater" offers wildlife tours of south and west Llyn, taking in
some of the most spectacular coastline and wildlife in the country. For more information, please visit www.shearwatercruises.com

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