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The Weather on Llŷn

Contrary to popular belief, Wales, but more especially Llŷn, does not suffer from torrential rain constantly and the sun actually does make an appearance.

Llŷn benefits from the Gulf Stream which brings with it warm weather and of course warm waters (particularly on the south coast).

The Llŷn Peninsula only receives about 36 inches of rain a year and gets over 200 hours of sunshine in the sunniest month of the year. The higher relief of Snowdonia and the other mountains in Wales do create more rainfall, but very often this does not affect Llŷn as we are to the west.

Near Snowdon, over 200 inches of rain is recorded (on average) every year and it is one of the wettest places in Britain, with only places in western Scotland beating it.

Plus, the peninsula being what it is, means that like an island, there are sheltered beaches for walking whichever way the wind is blowing - so it won't have to be a bad hair day!

And so, though Llŷn is in Wales, it does on average get better weather than many other parts of the country, and on many occasions we can be basking in sunshine while there is rain over the mountains (its not the other way around very often either!).

Mist lying below the mountains of Snowdonia.

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