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Walk: Mynydd Rhiw
Map: Lleyn Peninsula West / Pen Llyn Ardal Orllewinol 253
Directions: From the crossroads in the middle of Rhiw village, turn towards Sarn and then follow the road around to the left at the next junction. Then take the next tarmac road on the right. At the top, go straight on through the gateway and park on the left.
Say it!: Mynydd Rhiw: mun-uth rhiw (roll the r)


Mynydd Rhiw with its landmark mast and Garn Fadryn beyond.

Mynydd Rhiw stands at just 305m, but as with most hills on the peninsula, it feels higher due to it's proximity to the sea. This particular hill is characterised by it's radio mast.

The way to get to this hill that I've described above means you start a long way up the hill already so there is not a lot more height to be gained, however, the track isn't very even.

So from where you have parked, the most direct route follows the track that services the main mast near the summit. You will see the trig point on a rocky outcrop to the left of you.

There are paths that cover all of the top of the hill and lead down to country lanes on all sides, any of which can form start points for your walk. There are no trees around the summit so it is hard to get lost up here.

Take care as there can be hidden rocks under the heather.

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