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Walk: Mynydd Anelog
Map: Lleyn Peninsula West / Pen Llyn Ardal Orllewinol 253
Directions: On entering Aberdaron (just past the 30 limit signs), turn right for Uwchmynydd and follow this road out of the village and after nearly a mile turn right again - if you carried straight on you would go back into Aberdaron. Follow this lane until you come to the chapel in Uwchmynydd where there is a large lay-by for parking.
Say it!: Mynydd Anelog: mun-ith an-el-og


Mynydd Anelog from Mynydd Mawr, at the tip of Llyn.

Mynydd Anelog is only 192m above sea level, but being directly above the sea does exacerbate this! The hill is in the western extremity of the peninsula, with only Mynydd Mawr (which you can drive to the top of) any further out in the Irish Sea. Here you are less than 50 miles from the eastern shores of County Wicklow in Ireland.

The walk starts down a little lane, signposted as a dead end, which branches of the main lane you have just driven down, just below the chapel. At the end of this lane, you have to go through a gate (there is a public footpath sign here) and up through a field, where there is often a horse and then through another gate. The path then runs around the side of the hill - keep right and the path then bends around to the left ahead of which is a small house, the highest on the hill. Just before this house, turn up the hill to go around it and then pick your way up the final slopes. The path here is very steep and uneven.

There is a cairn on the summit, from where you can take in the views and find out if you can see Ireland! Return the way you came, or alternatively for a longer walk, turn left when you get back down above the highest house and follow this path through a farm and onto a small lane. Turn right here and follow this lane to the next junction, which you should recognise as you drove past it on the way, so all that is left to do is to turn right and walk back up the road to the chapel.

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