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Walking Advice

Before you put on your boots and head out walking there are a few things to consider - but don't let any of this stop you. Not only is walking good for you and the environment, on Llyn it allows you to explore far more than can be touched on the roads and indeed allows you to appreciate the true spirit of the area.

Llyn's stunning coast at Porth Meudwy

Please note that this information is just advice and the choose to follow it you do so at your own risk, Llyn.info, it's webmaster, or anyone who has helped compile this information cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss etc. as a result of you using this information.

Always be prepared for all weathers. Just because it looks nice when you are setting out, it doesn't necessarily mean that the weather will remain fine for the whole duration of your walk. Pack waterproofs, and especially if you have light coloured skin, suntan lotion in case you start to feel the sun start to burn.

Views from Mynydd Tir-y-Cwmwd

The best snacks you can take on hikes are chocolate bars, they give you a quick burst of energy. It is advisable to have some carbohydrates before you walk, for example cereal. Always carry plenty of water or another drink (not fizzy).

Make sure you take a small first aid kit with you, so that you can cover cuts and other minor injuries.

Always try to walk in a group of 4 or more, 3 at the very least. If four people go out on a walk, and one gets injured, one person needs to stay with them and the other two should go for help, ensuring at least one of them gets to someone who can help.

The summit of Garn Fadryn

If hill walking, boots with ankle supports are the best thing you can wear, however, make sure you have broken them in (got used to them), before you use them to go up a hill. If you don't they are very likely to rub! (Very painful - take it from someone who has learnt from experience!).

On longer walks always plan your route and let someone else know where you are going. Use the route cards below to plan a route. Use and OS map to get your information. Be safe!

Preferred Route Card (Side 1)
Foul Weather Plans (Side 2)
You would only really use a route card if you are walking out for a day or in areas where there are greater risks to you than just a bit of mud!

So get out there and enjoy the fantastic walking that the Llyn Peninsula offers!

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